Amazon’s cloud for CIA should help put security fears to rest

CIA building cloud platform with AmazonYou won’t be able to get anyone making public claims but from all available evidence, the CIA is spending over $600 million to build a private cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There is no public announcement (for which American citizens should be grateful) but ┬áreporters at have put together the basic outline of the deal. It is believed that Amazon’s cloud platform (probably EC2) will be used to supply the cloud infrastructure while the hardware and network will be secured at locations completely isolated from Amazon’s public cloud.

The news is jarring because Amazon’s public offerings have such wide appeal for a wide variety of web applications, many of them used in consumer-facing websites. If you believe that the CIA is on top of its game, then this relationship goes a long way toward giving Amazon a strong — albeit unconfirmed endorsement — on security.