Google Docs takes a step off the cloud and onto the hard disk

The cloud can be a very good way to serve up data and applications but it is not necessarily the best place to work, day in and day out. We all need to plan for days when there is no Internet connection.

Google is acknowledging that this week. It is beginning the process of giving Google Docs users the option to work offline. It will come in stages. For now, you can have your local versions synched up with the server copies. And eventually, you’ll be able to edit offline and keep them the local data in sync with the server. But not yet. And the offline viewing works only with Chrome for now. Still, it’s a first step.

Users started to see this option over the last few days when they logged into their Google Docs or Calendar accounts; a box popped open in the upper right offering to guide you through the setup.

Google Calendar Offline Setup
Google Calendar displays a pop up to guide you through offline setup

If you miss it the first time, you’ll find the Offline option on the menu that drops from the Settings “gear” icon. It works as a Google Chrome app, so you’ll need to follow the setup guidance and download the Chrome Calendar app.

I’m giving it a try but I’m not sure I’ll give up my Outlook calendar just yet. It’s always been there for me, year after year.
Lets see how reliable this Calendar will be.

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