A Peek Inside Apple’s iCloud Data Center Reveals HP, Terradata and NetApps hardware

When Stephen Jobs introduced the iCloud service, he didn’t spend much time talking about the infrastructure. And over 99 percent of its customers couldn’t care less. But for us hardware geeks, the details are very interesting. Apple is a company that has made its reputation on mystery boxes, going to great extremes to hide the names of its suppliers.

But Jobs let the kimono slip open for just a couple of quick pictures and that was enough for Stephen Foskett to come up with a pretty plausible rundown of the basic platform. In What Datacenter Equipment Is Apple Using?, Foskett details his reasons for concluding that Terradata, HP and NetApp’s will be supplying a good share of the cloud platform.

The Terradata Data Appliances shown in Apple’s photos run Six Core Intel Xeon processors, so it’s also a rare show of Apple support for Intel.

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