FT’s eye-opening report of cloud computing adoption plans is not exactly impartial

A story on the FT.com website today reported a claim that was so optimistic about the future of cloud computing, I just had to read more about it. The FT story is titled Battlelines in Cloud Services Market and it is largely about a $2.5 billion cquisition bid by CenturyTel for Savvis.

But a few paragraphs down, in explaining the potential for cloud services, the author cites a market survey from Axios Systems that reports 68 percent of all companies have plans to adopt a cloud computing strategy in the near term. Even more surprising,

In the Axis survey, 28 per cent of respondents said their organisations have already adopted a cloud strategy in one or more areas.

I thought I was familiar with all of the market research companies in the IT field, and have never heard of Axios. So I did a quick search and found the company’s press release right there in the News section of their corporate website. But Axios is not a new market research firm. It is a vendor of Help Desk and IT Service Management Software.

Where did the survey come from?

Axios conducted the survey via poll questions during an April 12, 2011 webcast with attendees from across the globe. ITIL®V3 Chief Architect, Sharon Taylor, spoke on the subject of “ITSM and the Cloud—what does it mean to you?”

Not exactly a statistically valid sample, is it?

Caveat: the above link to the FT site may not work without registration; however, if you search on the article title, you should be able to read it when clicking over from Google.

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