Apple buys domain for a rumored $4 million plus

The price has not been confirmed but the Wall Street Journnal’s Digital Daily has confirmed that Apple bought the domain name from a Swedish company, Xcerion. The rumors are that Apple is paying over $4 million.

icloud logo before Apple bought the name
Xcerion's iCloud logo before they sold the domain name to Apple

As I write this, the domain is still pointing to Xcerion’s data-hosting service which is also answering to the domain name of For the time being, we’ll be keeping our CloudyNews product listing the same at — at least until this all becomes official.

Until Apple makes a statement, no one can say for sure but it is expected they will use iCloud for a music storage site, tied in with iTunes.

Years ago, Apple tried to buy the name from a company where I worked. We had a pretty good name already: and we were contractually limited in our use of the iWorld name (it was purchased to support the Internet World magazine and trade show).

Unfortunately for us, Apple was not willing to pay anywhere near $4 million.

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