Scaling Java apps within Amazon EC2 with Eucalyptus and Terracotta

A partnership between Eucalyptus Systems and Terracotta should help developers scale their Java applications on the Amazon platform. Terracotta is a developer of tools for improving Java application performance. Its Ehcache FX provides a cache partition that will manage scaling of applications; it is designed specifically to improve Java appilcations ineraction with relationship databases.

Eucalyptus provides a cloud platform for application development (SaaS) targeted at the Amazon EC2 platform.

The partnership will integrate both products for use in a private cloud environment. It claims to solve one of the biggest performance challenges facing enterprise-scale applications by reducing the bottlenecks that database applications face as they try to scale up.

Eucalyptus provides compatibility with the Amazon AWS public cloud infrastructure in a private deployment. That should make it easier to have a hybrid private-public design, or to move a cloud from a private data center over to Amazon.

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