Startup Makara offers cloud portability solution

One of the main objections to deploying applications in a cloud platform is the fear of being locked-in, after customizing legacy apps to work within a specific platform (PaaS). A startup backed by several high-profile VCs is coming to market with a solution.

Makara’s Cloud Application Platform works like a cloud management layer for applications, sitting on top of the hypervisor virtualization layer. In theory, applications can be ported to a public or private cloud without re-writes.

It has been tested with Java, Flex, PHP, and JBoss development environments and on platforms from Rackspace, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Terremark vCloud Express, and Xen.

Makara is offering beta testing now at no charge. Investors who contributed to the $6 million first round include Sierra Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Mark Andreessen, and Ben Horowitz.

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