CA warchest of $300 million will go toward cloud acquisitions

William McCracken wasted very little time. Within hours of being named to the position of CEO at CA, he set his sites on a major cloud computing acquisition, and said he had up to $300 million to spend. Just a few weeks ago, CA acquired Oblicore which provides a platform for service level management (SLM).

An SLM platform can simplify management of a cloud architecture by providing centralized controls over distributed resources and tying them into core business functions. With an SLM in place, large enterprise operations are better positioned to gain the cost savings and flexibility from moving their infrastructure into a cloud.

“We want to be the heterogeneous, bring-it-all-together guy,” said McCracken, 67, in outlining his vision for CA. McCracken has been the company’s chairman until he was named to the CEO spot. He is a veteran of IBM.

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