Worth fearing: the next big wave in IT

The Wall Street Journal posed a time-honored question to EMC’s chief executive Joe Tucci yesterday. “What keeps you up at night?” EMC holds controlling shares in a number of major technology companies, including VMware and RSA Security, and it has just reported 2009 income was up 58 percent.

“What keeps you up all night is these waves of change. If you don’t ride them well, they can crush you.” Of course, the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Glader followed up and asked which waves was he trying to ride.

“This new cloud-computing phenomenon, I’m convinced, is the next big wave in IT,” he said.

Both WMware and RSA are well-positioned to benefit from this wave with product lineups that supply some of the key components. On top of that, Tucci said EMC is increasing its research and development budget by 20% to $1.95 billion in 2010, up from $1.62 billion in 2009.

The full story is in the WSJ blog Digits.

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