VMware’s Maritz, in posting solid growth, affirms clouds are the next wave of IT

A year ago, its customers were uncertain about what they would be doing. But recovery set in as the year came to a close. And now, Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware closed out 2009’s financial results by telling investors that in the last quarter, he was able to get a clear vision for what his enterprise computing customers are looking at.

They’re planning to build private clouds in order to have a scalable platform for their intranets and applications. If those prove out, then they’ll move toward public clouds.

We believe that our industry is in the midst of a major shift. The great recession of 2009 has convinced customers that they can’t continue to simply prop up aging, inflexible and costly infrastructure forever. We’re looking to remove complexity and for a path to a more cost effective and agile world…. we believe that virtualization is .. a strategic layer in which to build the datacenter of the future and build a bridge to the cloud. In fact, virtualization is probably the only realistic way that most customers can embark on such a journey in a evolutionary way.

Maritz re-affirmed his recent purchases of SpringSource and Zimbra as steps in that direction. The company’s core products continued to do well. In 2010, the company added 20,000 customers and had a 67 percent renewal rate with its base.

In 2010, VMware will develop its existing line to support private cloud solutions, working on integration with the SpringSource product line. The acquisition of Zimbra has not yet closed, but Maritz anticipates building a layer on top of Zimbra’s cloud infrastructure to enable direct support for vSphere.

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