Private clouds delivered in 30 days, limited offer

Planning, building and deploying a virtual data center is generally not a project with a one-month timeline. But Surgient, an Austin, Texas manager of data centers, is trying to make a splash with a simple offer. They will go through the whole process of planning, customizing and building a secure, private cloud infrastructure for corporations within 30 days. The fee is also un-complicated: a flat $50,000.

Surgient Cloud Express comes with support it for a year, and initial training. But it’s an offer designed to help Surgient win a name for itself. The company asks that clients agree to help with their marketing activities (by allowing mention of the installation in a press release and providing feedback for their sales team). And it expects the client to supply the Microsoft SQL Server, and infrastructure OS software, and to finish the job by generating its own image and application content.

Surgient is backed by venture Goldman Sachs, Austin Ventures, and others. The express offer is based on its Surgient Application Platform.

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