Sybase testing cloud deployment internally

Jim Swartz, the CIO of enterprise software company Sybase, explained his philosophy toward cloud computing in an interview with CIO Update. Swartz said “we’re absolutely going to be looking at this more closely in terms of what it’s going to mean, long-haul, because as an organization, to help the company keep its margins in perspective. I don’t want to go out there and have to build expensive data centers. If I can use outside services, where appropriate, that’s a great thing.”

However, until there is more standardization, Swartz said he will move slowly. He is wary of becoming locked into a specific vendor.

In the near term, he is planning to test corporate applications that don’t contain sensitive data or qualify as mission critical.

As vendors create more standards to accept those virtualized data centers you build, then you’ll feel more comfortable putting them out there. It’ll take a while. There will be some successes and failures, as there are with anything. I still think we’re five or six years off from the point where we’ll send out something like an ERP into a hosted environment.

The full interview is worth reading; see Sybase’s CIO on Cloud Computing, Mobility

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