Flexiscale raises funds and re-launches as Flexiant

The U.K. platform provider Flexiscale is being spun out by its founder, XCalibre, a Scottish provider of enterprise-level hosting. The new company will be called Flexiant Ltd. Flexiant’s PaaS solution is designed for web hosting businesses, data centre operators, and other infrastructure providers who want to offer IaaS level cloud computing based services. The Flexiscale platform was developed by XCalibre to provide IaaS to its own customer base.

Approximately £1m was raised; it will be used to further develop the technology. Flexiant will continue to market the Flexiscale public cloud service which has been running for two years and has an established user base. Flexiant expects to announce a major software release in coming months.

One of the partners, Alex Bligh, explained his interest: “Flexiscale is the most exciting internet infrastructure technology I have seen for ten years. Flexiant’s recently completed funding round will allow us to exploit the full potential of Flexiscale by licensing it to the web hosting market.”

See the Flexiscale directory listing.

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