Dell deal with Chinese SaaS provider: more smoke than cloud?

You know “cloud computing” is risking over-exposure when companies start exaggerating their “cloudiness.” A press release from Bejing based SaaS vendor Infobird is a prime example. Until now, Infobird has marketed an SaaS platform for call-center management known as Qitongbao.

But in the PR Newswire announcement, Infobird claims:

Dell, the global IT giant, and Infobird, China’s leading “cloud management” system vendor, have entered into an official strategic partnership. The partnership, seen as a pioneering agreement between a renowned global IT company and a Chinese company, will set-out to explore the huge potential of the cloud computing technology market.

It would be exciting if that were true. But what is really happening is that Dell will offer the Infobird call-center software to its customer base. Infobird has no broad cloud platform to offer. It has none of the dynamic scaling, resource management or application development features that would be part of a true cloud management platform.

Qitongbao appears to be a very solid SaaS application but it is not a cloud management platform.

To its credit, Dell is blameless. Infobird is the one making this claim. And Dell continues to have a partnership with Salesforce, which does have a true cloud platform, Force

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