Comparing Google’s Chrome OS and Jolicloud on a netbook

Datamation takes a look at two new desktops being designed for the ultra-light world of the netbook, where all data and most apps are stored on a remote server. Neither one of these software platforms are final but both are available for test drives and that is the spirit in which Bruce Byfield looks at both, projecting an environment where they would function as the front-end to a cloud server.

Byfield does not leave his test impressed with either design.

.. after using these two cloud-oriented operating systems, I am more convinced than ever that their solution is not the right one. Going online for social interaction is one thing, but going online for productivity is clumsy, slow, and less private than using desktop open source applications

However, his test did not look at any applications that were designed to be used in such an environment. So it seems any conclusion are premature. The point of owning a netbook is to tap into a remote server, whether it’s a cloud or more traditional client-server environment.

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