U.S. Navy gives Amazon EC2 a thumbs up

From this point on, any debate about the security of Amazon Web Services is sure to bring in a call to the military. The U.S. Navy is looking at cloud computing technologies as it develops its next generation Naval Networks Enterprise-2016 strategy and in the early tests, EC2 and S3 passed muster.

Dataline, a consultant focusing on the military, announced that in a recent Navy Trident Warrior exercise, it demonstrated that a standard shipboard communications infrastructure could be used to manage applications stored at Amazon’s cloud.

LCDR Caroline Lahman, Officer-in-Charge Navy FORCEnet San Diego, was quoted by Dataline in a press release, stating: β€œThe Navy is very interested in exploring cloud computing concepts and their use in the naval tactical environment. We look forward to further testing during the Trident Warrior ’10 lab period in April.”

Dataline worked with the Navy to validate the ability of a commercial Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform to support Department of the Navy requirements for global connectivity, server failover, and application access.

The Navy is considering use of cloud computing technologies as part of its Naval Networks Enterprise-2016 strategy. Trident Warrior ’10 exercises are scheduled to continue with a second lab period in the spring 2010; after that, the technology will need to be tested in an “at sea” demonstration.

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