Six cloud computing stocks to watch. Maybe seven?

Ed Moltzen is not a professional stock picker. He is a technology analyst, blogger and manager of product testing for Computer Reseller News (published by United Business Media). So if he picks a basket of cloud computing stocks, you can expect that the companies are strong technically. For financial fundamentals, you’ll need to do your own research.

Ed’s basket of stocks is an interesting group, nonetheless: Google, Rackspace, Terremark Worldwide, Qwest, Equinix and

He explains that ….

Each was chosen because a significant part of their business and strategy includes cloud applications, cloud hosting or cloud infrastructure.

Certainly, you can argue that all of these companies are getting the vast majority of their revenue from off-cloud computing business lines.

Only two seem to be achieving a significant share of revenue from cloud product lines. Rackspace and Terremark. Both companies cited their cloud computing products as a bright side in reporting 2nd quarter results.

And if you do include Salesforce, Qwest and Google, you should probably include Amazon, too, since it has achieved considerable success with its cloud hosting platform.

Nonetheless, an interesting exercise.

Full list:
Pure Play Cloud Computing Stocks

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