ISO begins study of cloud computing standards

Word is leaking out that the ISO committee responsible for Information Technology (IT) has formed a study group to consider standards for cloud computing. A formal announcement has not bee made, but Reuven Cohen, founder of Enamoly, posted details at his blog. The study group is part of a new subcommittee that also includes working groups for SOA and Web Services standards.

ISO is a non-governmental agency that has published more than 17,000 standards covering everything from airport construction to medical equipment.

The IT committe is known as JTC 1. It was formed in 1987 and has published 357 standards that include specs for character sets, keyboards, disk storage devices and so on. Standards can take years to be formulated and approved.

In ISO-speak, this is what actually happened. A resolution was approved by JTC 1 to form a “Subcommittee 38 on Distributed Application Platforms and Services (DAPS).” At its first meeting, “SC 38” is to establish a subgroup “as follows””

A Study Group on Cloud Computing (SGCC) to investigate market requirements for standardization, initiate dialogues with relevant SDOs and consortia and to identify possible work items for JTC 1.

o Draft Terms of Reference:

i. Provide a taxonomy, terminology and value proposition for Cloud Computing.

ii. Assess the current state of standardization in Cloud Computing within JTC 1 and in other SDOs and consortia beginning with document JTC 1 N 9687.

iii. Document standardization market/business/user requirements and the challenges to be addressed.

iv. Liaise and collaborate with relevant SDOs and consortia related to Cloud Computing.

v. Hold workshops to gather requirements as needed.

vi. Provide a report of activities and recommendations to SC 38.

Topics related to Energy Efficiency of Data Centers are excluded. On topics of common interest (such as virtualization), coordination with the EEDC SGis required.

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