Juniper offers 5 steps to a data center in the clouds

Juniper Networks is giving its product line a major overhaul, with new chips, new application development environments and a new “Cloud-Ready Data Center” based on five modules that provide a path for adapting existing data centers into a distributed architecture.

The enhancements are based on Juniper’s SRX Series.

  • Virtualized Security Center. Includes AppSecure (tools for viewing and managing application access within cloud-ready data centers, and insulates the installation from botnet-based denial-of-service attacks); Coordinated Threat Control (for user identity management); and Virtual Server Security, based on a partnership with Altor Networks, establishes policies across virtual and physical machines in the cloud.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Provides single-sign-on access to virtual desktops via SSL VPN, supporting Citrix and VMware VDI.
  • MX 3D routers with 3D Scaling. These are new products that enable dynamic control and, open application platforms.
  • Junos Space network application platform. A software environment for building networked applications.
  • Junos Pulse integrated network client. A unified client for location-aware, identity-aware and device-verified access to cloud services.

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