Amazon plugs MySQL into its cloud offerings

Amazon officially launched RDS — Relational Data Services — as the latest item on the menu at Amazon Web Services. This offering can be seen as a step up from Simple DB which Amazon has been offering for hosted databases that needed little more than indexing and query tools.

RDS provides a complete MySQL engine and Amazon says existing MySQL applications will port quickly.

From the AWS blog…

Much of what you already know about building applications with MySQL will still apply. Your code and your queries will work as expected; you can even import a dump file produced by mysqldump to get started.

With this move, Amazon is now competing directly with hosting services that offer MySQL packages, such as RackSpace Cloud.

Amazon’s on demand pricing starts at $0.11/hour for storing a small database up to 1.7 GB and moves up to $0.88/hour for an “extra large DB” using 15 GB of memory. Data transfers are billed at $0.17/GB for the first TB and drop from there.

Prices at RackSpace Cloud are $0.15/GB month for storage and $0.22/GB for transfers out.

Amazon’s platform is 64-bit MySQL 5.1. And the company is promoting its integration between the servers, claiming, for example, there will be low-latency between applications running on Amazon EC2 and databases on RDS.

Interestingly, Amazon announced the new service on the same day it released its Holiday Toy List, a guide to merchandise that should be hot this season. As far as I can tell, it is the only ISP that did.

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