Adobe releases a preview of Flash Builder for Force

Adobe followed through on its July announcement of strategic support for Salesforce’s cloud platform. It has released a developer preview of Flash Builder for, an IDE (integrated development environment) for creating cloud-based RIAs (rich internet applications) that can be run through a browser or or desktop. Developers will be able to use Flash Builder for to customize existing Salesforce CRM appls or build something new in the environment.

The preview is free to download at; the finished product is scheduled for the first half of 2010.

The platform includes:

  • A code editor and app design-view (see video below for a demo).
  • Over 100 reusable components, including access to motion graphics and drag and drop capabilities
  • Data visualizations including interactive charting and animation widgets capable of handling large data sets.
  • A beta release of Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium and Adobe LiveCycle Data Services client-side libraries.

When the project was announced, Eric Stahl of Salesforce gave an overview with some demos. Here’s a link to the video Salesforce is making available on YouTube.

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