Survey says recession has not slowed plans for cloud projects

Interest in cloud computing projects has grown by 320 percent within enterprise IT departments over the last year according to a survey by Avanade and Kelton Research. Over 500 CxO’s were surveyed in August and September and they showed a strong interest in cloud projects.

Among the findings:

  • 23 percent of U.S. companies are beginning to plan and test a cloud project. Outside the U.S., there is less interest; only 10 percent of respondents are considering projects.
  • Companies who have no interest in cloud computing has dropped. Last year, 54 percent had no plans, now only 37 percent are in that camp.
  • When asked if the economy had an impact on their interest in cloud computing, 58 percent said there was no effect. 13 percent said that economic conditions had increased their interest in the technology.

Avanade is an IT consultancy that is focused on Microsoft platforms (Microsoft and Accenture are co-owners). Kelton performs market research for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies.

The survey also looked at SaaS (software as a service) and found strong acceptance today and in the future with 62 percent of respondents saying they plan to increase their use of SaaS platforms.

Avanade has more information at their website.

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