Nvidia working on a graphical cloud server for streaming 3D animations

At the Web 2.0 Summit, Nvidia unveiled a server for photo-realistic rendering of graphics using a massively parallel architecture.

The application can potentially save architects and and engineers from buying amped-up workstations to render complex graphics. But the application that seems more likely to find an audience are online apps that require realtime rendering of virtual reality scenes.

Nvidia has created a Facebook that displays the technology at work. In My 3D Scenes you can walk into a virtual reality room and engage with characters.

The product is called the Nvidia RealityServer. The platform is based on an Nvidia Tesla RS GPU-based server running RealityServer software. It employs software mental images iray technology, a physically correct ray-tracing renderer that calls on a parallel CUDA architecture of Nvidia GPUs.

The Nvidia RealityServer platform will be available November 30, 2009. Tesla RS configurations start at eight GPUs, and scale to support increasing numbers of simultaneous users.

In the meantime, I plan to have a little fun with the Facebook app and see what this technology can do.

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