Structure of IT deparments will change with growth of cloud services

Cloud computing will change the basic structure of the IT department in coming years.

“The IT organization will be replaced by relationships to many cloud-computing service providers — each for one or a handful of services,” said Gartner Vice President Phil Dawson, speaking yesterday at the Gartner IT Xpo in Orlando, FL.

Dawson said that a cloud platform gave better control over cost and scalability, so over time, the department would change its focus to managing relationships with “private cloud” providers. “IT departments will take on IT service-sourcing responsibility — determining when to leverage external providers, when to deploy internally, and when to leverage both for specific services.”

The remarks were quoted by Mark Long and appear in an article at Sci-TechToday

Dawson predicted that the enterprise IT architecture would evolve to where “more than 75 percent of an organization’s use of cloud computing will be devoted to very large data queries, short-term massively parallel workloads.” He predicts this will take place within 3 years.

The organization’s IT department will still focus on custom apps, built and maintained internally, to give the business its competitive advantage.

In this model, an outsourced cloud does the routine number-crunching and I/O tasks, while sensitive business intelligence work is kept close at hand.

It makes perfect sense.

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