Oracle Fusion Apps moving along, now with extra Java

Larry Ellison used Oracle World to update developers on Fusion Apps, a project that has been in development for over a year. In the process, he committed to several broad directions. One is cloud computing and the other is technology that will be Oracle’s own as soon as the Sun acquisition closes, Java.

Oracle has been developing Java tools for years, but with this talk, he demonstrated the opportunity the will possess when it owns the Java platform. As he announced the Sun deal in April, Ellison called Java “the single most important software asset we have ever acquired.” The Oracle-Sun deal still has some questions around it (the EU is planning a competitive review), and it could take months before it closes.

But this type of announcement precisely illustrates the anti-competitive concerns.

Fusion Apps is targeted squarely at SAP, which has deep reliance on Java. It is so dependent on Java, in fact, that earlier this year, SAP paid Sun to keep alive a version of Java (SE 1.4) that it had planned to kill. (Java Standard Edition 1.4.2

Oracle is known as a fierce competitor and it has not been shy in the past about using any advantage.

Oracle is planning to ship Fusion Apps will modules for accounting, payroll, HR, procurement, and sales management.

No launch date was provided, other than some time in 2010; according to Reuters, Oracle has spent several billion dollars on the project.

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