Startup Makara offers cloud portability solution

One of the main objections to deploying applications in a cloud platform is the fear of being locked-in, after customizing legacy apps to work within a specific platform (PaaS). A startup backed by several high-profile VCs is coming to market with a solution. Makara’s Cloud Application Platform works like a cloud management layer for applications, […]

Private clouds delivered in 30 days, limited offer

Planning, building and deploying a virtual data center is generally not a project with a one-month timeline. But Surgient, an Austin, Texas manager of data centers, is trying to make a splash with a simple offer. They will go through the whole process of planning, customizing and building a secure, private cloud infrastructure for corporations […]

New page on cloud computing stocks

In recent months, a number of technology companies have seen their share prices rise on positive news about cloud computing initiatives. To keep up, I’ve compiled a list of publicly traded companies with a significant cloud business. I’m not going to include every company that has made a cloud announcement. If their new initiatives turn […]

Flexiscale raises funds and re-launches as Flexiant

The U.K. platform provider Flexiscale is being spun out by its founder, XCalibre, a Scottish provider of enterprise-level hosting. The new company will be called Flexiant Ltd. Flexiant’s PaaS solution is designed for web hosting businesses, data centre operators, and other infrastructure providers who want to offer IaaS level cloud computing based services. The Flexiscale […]

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CloudShare, training and demo developer, raises $10M

Anyone who has stood before an audience to present a software demo or a training session knows how difficult it can be to get the latest version on screen. CloudShare aims to simplify the process with an SaaS platform for hosting demos, tutorials and other forms of software-based presentations. The company just raised $10M in […]

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Broadcom buys fabric for building massive data centers

Switched fabric is a technology that normally does not draw much attention. It is part of fiber channel topologies that are used for used at the edge of large networks. Until recently, few data centers needed switched fabric. Its purpose is to maintain millions of simultaneous connections in a single switch. And a data center […]

Madison Avenue on a cloud: ad exchange network raises $15 million

AppNexus, a startup founded by three Mad Men from Yahoo!, Google and DoubleClick, is tying its fortunes to the growing interest in cloud computing. The company is hosting its application on a cloud server, but it is also claiming to have the first ad exchange network designed for a cloud environment. The business model seems […]

Irish government launching program to encourage transition to SaaS

Enterprise Ireland (EI) has begun a program that will encourage Irish software companies develop their products on a cloud platform. EI is an agency within the Irish Government agency that is charged with helping Irish companies to achieve strong positions in global markets. The contract was awarded to Saaspoint, a company founded by former Salespoint […]

Linux distribution will provide a direct path to public cloud platform

Cloud computing in the open source environment receives a boost later this week with the inclusion of direct support for a cloud platform within one of the most popular Linux distributions. Linux Ubuntu 9.10 will ship on Thursday with software from Eucalyptus, which runs a host platform compatible with Amazon’s EC2, S3 and EBS interfaces. […]

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Saaspoint, maker of Mobile Field Scheduler and TimeTrack, raises $2M

Saaspoint, an Irish company formed by renegades from Saleforce, has raised $2M to fund future development, including international expansion.

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