Microsoft is asking Congress to legislate on cloud computing

Apparently Brad Smith’s mother never told him, “Be careful what you wish for.” Mr. Smith went to Washington yesterday and spoke out in favor of federal laws to support cloud computing. Smith is a senior vice-president and general counsel at Microsoft, and he was speaking at the Brookings Institution, one of the top think tanks […]

Sybase testing cloud deployment internally

Jim Swartz, the CIO of enterprise software company Sybase, explained his philosophy toward cloud computing in an interview with CIO Update. Swartz said “we’re absolutely going to be looking at this more closely in terms of what it’s going to mean, long-haul, because as an organization, to help the company keep its margins in perspective. […]

ISO begins study of cloud computing standards

Word is leaking out that the ISO committee responsible for Information Technology (IT) has formed a study group to consider standards for cloud computing. A formal announcement has not bee made, but Reuven Cohen, founder of Enamoly, posted details at his blog. The study group is part of a new subcommittee that also includes working […]

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