Microsoft is asking Congress to legislate on cloud computing

Apparently Brad Smith’s mother never told him, “Be careful what you wish for.” Mr. Smith went to Washington yesterday and spoke out in favor of federal laws to support cloud computing. Smith is a senior vice-president and general counsel at Microsoft, and he was speaking at the Brookings Institution, one of the top think tanks […]

Chinese hack into Google mail may be a flaw in Microsoft browser, not cloud defences

When Google warned that it might not be able to provide secure email within China, a number of people considered it an indictment of the cloud computing model. However, it now appears that the security hole is in Microsoft’s IE browser, not Google’s security layer. The WindowsSecrets tip site has the story on this Internet […]

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FTC investigating cloud computing as possible threat to consumer privacy

Will cloud computing architectures make it easier for snoops to satisfy their curiosity? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has begun to explore whether cloud computing has implications for data security. The news was first reported by The Hill which uncovered a filing made by the FTC with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The notice was […]

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U.S. Navy gives Amazon EC2 a thumbs up

From this point on, any debate about the security of Amazon Web Services is sure to bring in a call to the military. The U.S. Navy is looking at cloud computing technologies as it develops its next generation Naval Networks Enterprise-2016 strategy and in the early tests, EC2 and S3 passed muster. Dataline, a consultant […]

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Turning clouds into crackers: $45 a password

Security experts recommend long, complex passwords because they require a super computer’s power to hack into a system. So what happens now that a super computer is available to anyone with a credit card? Security experts have started to connect the dotted lines between password-seeking cyber crimnals and low-cost services like Amazon’s EC2. At the […]

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Juniper offers 5 steps to a data center in the clouds

Juniper Networks is giving its product line a major overhaul, with new chips, new application development environments and a new “Cloud-Ready Data Center” based on five modules that provide a path for adapting existing data centers into a distributed architecture. The enhancements are based on Juniper’s SRX Series. Virtualized Security Center. Includes AppSecure (tools for […]

Cisco buying cloud security pioneer, ScanSafe

Cisco has reached an agreement to buy ScanSafe, Inc., the first company to offer cloud computing based scanning for Web malware. Tom Gillis, GM of Cisco’s Security Technology Business Unit (STBU), said the acquisition fits in with “our vision to build a borderless network security architecture that combines network and cloud-based services for advanced security […]

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Cloud security clashes with politics in Los Angeles

It started as a noble effort by IT managers within the Los Angeles city government. Over the last eighteen months, they worked on a plan they believe capable of saving several million dollars while giving 30,000 municipal employees updated software. They did their homework. They invited bids and sifted through fifteen different vendor proposals. They […]

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Schneier on Security: Cloud computing is nothing new

Bruce Schneier is chief technology officer for BT; he writes a carefully considered blog on security issues. He is not a fan of cloudi computing… This year’s overhyped IT concept is cloud computing. Also called software as a service (Saas), cloud computing is when you run software over the internet and access it via a […]

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