Startup Makara offers cloud portability solution

One of the main objections to deploying applications in a cloud platform is the fear of being locked-in, after customizing legacy apps to work within a specific platform (PaaS). A startup backed by several high-profile VCs is coming to market with a solution. Makara’s Cloud Application Platform works like a cloud management layer for applications, […]

Azure emerges from beta, is a price war next?

Microsoft kept to its schedule and has promoted Windows Azure from its very long beta status to full-fledged paid product. And the first market reaction came almost immediately, as Amazon dropped prices. The timing could not have been more obvious. The same day that Amazon agreed to change pricing policies on Kindle eBooks in reaction […]

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Intuit prefers Azure for its partner platform

Microsoft has won over Intuit with its new Azure platform. Developers who sell customized versions of QuickBooks will be encouraged to use Azure cloud hosting as the preferred home for their applications. Intuit rolled out the Workplace App Center last year; it helps build the TurboTax and QuickBooks franchises by showcasing extensions created by independent […]

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Madison Avenue on a cloud: ad exchange network raises $15 million

AppNexus, a startup founded by three Mad Men from Yahoo!, Google and DoubleClick, is tying its fortunes to the growing interest in cloud computing. The company is hosting its application on a cloud server, but it is also claiming to have the first ad exchange network designed for a cloud environment. The business model seems […]

Juniper offers 5 steps to a data center in the clouds

Juniper Networks is giving its product line a major overhaul, with new chips, new application development environments and a new “Cloud-Ready Data Center” based on five modules that provide a path for adapting existing data centers into a distributed architecture. The enhancements are based on Juniper’s SRX Series. Virtualized Security Center. Includes AppSecure (tools for […]

Amazon plugs MySQL into its cloud offerings

Amazon officially launched RDS — Relational Data Services — as the latest item on the menu at Amazon Web Services. This offering can be seen as a step up from Simple DB which Amazon has been offering for hosted databases that needed little more than indexing and query tools. RDS provides a complete MySQL engine […]

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Test-driving Nvidia’s Facebook app, My 3D Scenes

I spent some time playing with Nvidia’s cloud-based 3D graphic platform and came away with mixed feelings. I started out convinced that this is a milestone product introduction for graphics online. The availability of 3D photorealistic rendering in a cloud platform is certain to open many new avenues for application development. However, after spending a […]

Disney Keychest to fling DVDs into the clouds

Until now, digital download offerings for movies have relied on the traditional “send to” concept where the files are delivered from a server and stored locally. According to the WSJ, Disney is close to rolling out a system that will embrace the cloud model. Consumers will be able to buy viewing rights to films that […]

B&N’s Nook, the newest device in the clouds

I’ve been trying to decide if the new Barnes & Noble Nook is part of the cloud computing ecosystem or not. It is surely not an enterprise application but it seems to fit on all other levels. I just came across something that helped me make up my mind… in the affirmative. A quick trip […]

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Telephony Online: Verizon debuts cloud computing service

Telephone Online is a business publication for people in the telecom industry. This news piece outlines Verizon’s new service which has a $500 upfront fee and a $250/month subscription cost. Verizon Business unveiled its much-anticipated cloud computing service today, which the company calls Computing as a Service, a deliberate departure from the approach taken by […]