KPMG study shows 75 percent of cloud adopters reduce costs

Now you know why Larry Ellison has been so cranky whenever he is asked about cloud computing.  Companies shifting to cloud computing aren’t buying more Sun servers. But they are showing more than savings. At least, that’s what KMPG found in a survey of 900 global companies. The survey is described in this Dow Jones […]

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Steve Ballmer: 90 percent of Microsoft development will be focused on cloud within a year

University of Washington students were told that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would talk about the future of computing on campus yesterday. But his talk was all about the shift toward cloud computing. Ballmer made a surprising statement when he emphasized how serious Microsoft is about this shift, telling the students that 75 percent of the […]

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Sybase testing cloud deployment internally

Jim Swartz, the CIO of enterprise software company Sybase, explained his philosophy toward cloud computing in an interview with CIO Update. Swartz said “we’re absolutely going to be looking at this more closely in terms of what it’s going to mean, long-haul, because as an organization, to help the company keep its margins in perspective. […]

NetApp and Microsoft partner on cloud infrastructure products

This looks like another sign that Microsoft is serious about taking a leadership position in the cloud computing market. It is entering into a three-year relationship with NetApp covering sales and product integration. NetApp has been successful in winning some significant cloud computing platform customers. Its technology includes Unified Storage and Storage Vritualiation, which reduce […]

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Intel’s next-generation chip design was influenced by cloud computing

It is just a concept that is still in R&D but Intel has started demonstrating the Single Chip Cloud Computer. The design contains 48 separate processor cores. It’s not simply a duplication of the same type of processing cores that are running on today’s dual- and quad-core CPUs. Intel says it is trying to re-think […]

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Cloud computing tops Gartner’s top technologies for 2010

Gartner has raced to the front of the prognosticators’ pack; it’s not even Halloween and they have released their “new year” predictions. No big surprise: cloud computing is number one in their list of the “top 10 strategic technologies for 2010.” Their rationale… 1. Cloud computing is a style of computing that characterizes a model […]

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Structure of IT deparments will change with growth of cloud services

Cloud computing will change the basic structure of the IT department in coming years. “The IT organization will be replaced by relationships to many cloud-computing service providers — each for one or a handful of services,” said Gartner Vice President Phil Dawson, speaking yesterday at the Gartner IT Xpo in Orlando, FL. Dawson said that […]

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Ecommerce Times: Rethinking IT Services

EcommerceTimes is an online publication for small business technology. They published a piece by Jim Damoulakis is CTO at GlassHouse Technologies which is pretty basic. It is a very simple overview, and interesting if you want to see how cloud computing is being marketed to small business. 2009 has turned out to be the breakthrough […]

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The 10 Laws of Cloudonomics: What IT can learn from Prussian military theory

GigaOM published an interesting piece that evaluates the case for cloud computing by applying a variety of academic disciplines, including a bit of Newtonian physics and the military theories of Carl Von Clausewicz The author, Joe Weinman, is a sales VP for AT&T Global Business Services and he doesn’t pretend to make the decision simple, […]

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