KPMG study shows 75 percent of cloud adopters reduce costs

Now you know why Larry Ellison has been so cranky whenever he is asked about cloud computing. ┬áCompanies shifting to cloud computing aren’t buying more Sun servers. But they are showing more than savings. At least, that’s what KMPG found in a survey of 900 global companies. The survey is described in this Dow Jones […]

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Oracle puts down the Sun Cloud

As the acquisition of Sn Microsystems finally closed, one of the first official acts taken by Oracle is to terminate the program known as Sun Cloud. It would have been a platform for building cloud architectures using an API based on Sun’s standards, including Java, MySQL, and OpenSolaris. Larry Ellison has gained a reputation for […]

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Oracle Fusion Apps moving along, now with extra Java

Larry Ellison used Oracle World to update developers on Fusion Apps, a project that has been in development for over a year. In the process, he committed to several broad directions. One is cloud computing and the other is technology that will be Oracle’s own as soon as the Sun acquisition closes, Java. Oracle has […]

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Enterprise 2 Blog: Larry Ellison Hates Cloud Computing

Enterprise 2.0 Blog is part of TechWeb. Stowe Boyd wrote this post after viewing a video of Larry Ellison on stage, mocking cloud computing. The post includes embedded video in which Ellison seems to be doing a comedy routine: “All a cloud is is computers in a network… They just change a term and they […]

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