Six cloud computing stocks to watch. Maybe seven?

Ed Moltzen is not a professional stock picker. He is a technology analyst, blogger and manager of product testing for Computer Reseller News (published by United Business Media). So if he picks a basket of cloud computing stocks, you can expect that the companies are strong technically. For financial fundamentals, you’ll need to do your […]

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Ecommerce Times: Rethinking IT Services

EcommerceTimes is an online publication for small business technology. They published a piece by Jim Damoulakis is CTO at GlassHouse Technologies which is pretty basic. It is a very simple overview, and interesting if you want to see how cloud computing is being marketed to small business. 2009 has turned out to be the breakthrough […]

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The 10 Laws of Cloudonomics: What IT can learn from Prussian military theory

GigaOM published an interesting piece that evaluates the case for cloud computing by applying a variety of academic disciplines, including a bit of Newtonian physics and the military theories of Carl Von Clausewicz The author, Joe Weinman, is a sales VP for AT&T Global Business Services and he doesn’t pretend to make the decision simple, […]

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InfoWorld: Cloud computing is all the rage.. it’s the phrase du jour.

In April 2008, InfoWorld looked into this hot new topic and said it was “at an early stage, with a motley crew of providers large and small delivering a slew of cloud-based services, from full-blown applications to storage services to spam filtering.” Cloud computing is all the rage. “It’s become the phrase du jour,” says […]