Comparing Google’s Chrome OS and Jolicloud on a netbook

Datamation takes a look at two new desktops being designed for the ultra-light world of the netbook, where all data and most apps are stored on a remote server. Neither one of these software platforms are final but both are available for test drives and that is the spirit in which Bruce Byfield looks at […]

IBM cloud supports Korean mobile apps

A few weeks ago, IBM announced it was spending $100 million on new data centers in Asia with cloud technologies a top priority. Today it is demonstrating why. South Korea’s leading telco is paying IBM to host a new Platform-as-a-Service environment that will provide new apps for its 24 million customers. The cloud contains 80 […]

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Microsoft close to a deal for Taiwanese mobile phone apps

The Commercial Times is reporting that Microsoft is close to a deal with Chunghwa Telecom, the leading Taiwanese mobile phone company, for a deal to cloud computing-based applications. Details were not announced, although a formal presentation is likely to take place in November when Steve Ballmer meets with and Chunghwa’s Chairman Shyue-Ching Lu in Taiwan. […]

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