Chinese hack into Google mail may be a flaw in Microsoft browser, not cloud defences

When Google warned that it might not be able to provide secure email within China, a number of people considered it an indictment of the cloud computing model. However, it now appears that the security hole is in Microsoft’s IE browser, not Google’s security layer. The WindowsSecrets tip site has the story on this Internet […]

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New page on cloud computing stocks

In recent months, a number of technology companies have seen their share prices rise on positive news about cloud computing initiatives. To keep up, I’ve compiled a list of publicly traded companies with a significant cloud business. I’m not going to include every company that has made a cloud announcement. If their new initiatives turn […]

Microsoft and HP say they’ll spend $250 million on cloudy collaboration

Specific plans were vague when Steve Ballmer and HP CEO Mark Hurd took the stage at Interop yesterday. But one number was very clear: 250 million. That’s the number of dollars the two CEO’s said they would commit to spending on a unified approach toward enterprise-level products over the next few years. ‚ÄúThis is all […]

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NetApp and Microsoft partner on cloud infrastructure products

This looks like another sign that Microsoft is serious about taking a leadership position in the cloud computing market. It is entering into a three-year relationship with NetApp covering sales and product integration. NetApp has been successful in winning some significant cloud computing platform customers. Its technology includes Unified Storage and Storage Vritualiation, which reduce […]

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Microsoft’s cloud email services chosen by UK post office

In the battle to win market share for cloud computing services, one of the advantages in Microsoft’s can claim is its formidable partner network. So this should not come as a surprise: in the announcement that the UK Royal Mail Group is signing on to run 30,000 desktops with Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), […]

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Microsoft’s bid for open source applications begins with WordPress

One of the more interesting stories to come out of the Microsoft PDC conference is the possibility that Azure could become a leading platform for hosting open source applications. In giving his Azure update, Ray Ozzie gave the full spotlight to a couple of open source developers, including Automattic, the company that develops WordPress and […]

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Azure updated in preparation for 2010 “pay-to-play” release

Something changes on New Years Day: Microsoft Azure becomes a paid product. It is a year since Azure was first offered for free as a technology preview, and Microsoft is going to start 2010 by taking the plunge into the world of cloud hosting. The formal announcement was made by Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software […]

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Move to cloud technology faster than Microsoft exepcted

“People are embracing cloud computing faster than we anticipated,” Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division, told a Dow Jones reporter yesterday. He pointed to growth in hosted email as an example of the shift he is seeing. Elod said Microsoft is responding by cutting prices Last week, the price of Exchange Online was […]

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Microsoft is cloudy on Taiwanese R&D plan

During a visit to Taipei, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer signed an agreement with the Taiwan economic ministry to jointly establish a research center there. The facility will be called the “Software and Services Excellence Center” and it should open in about a year. But Ballmer provided few other details. A joint statement indicated the center […]

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Los Angeles city council OKs move to Google apps

Los Angeles city workers will be moving their email and calendars into Google’s cloud environment after all. The city council voted to approve their CTO’s plan to switch 30,000 workers from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps. The plan was challenged by a consumer watchdog who questioned whether cloud computing was reliable and secure, citing the […]

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