Google gaives a big thumbs up to Spring Java nd VMware’s Open PaaS

Spring Java, an enterprise Java development environment acquired by VMware last year, got a big boost today as Google announced direct support from within Google AppEngine. Spring fans went so far as to claim that Spring is now the preferred development platform for Google AppEngine. VMware acquired SpringSource last year as part of a strategy […]

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Scaling Java apps within Amazon EC2 with Eucalyptus and Terracotta

A partnership between Eucalyptus Systems and Terracotta should help developers scale their Java applications on the Amazon platform. Terracotta is a developer of tools for improving Java application performance. Its Ehcache FX provides a cache partition that will manage scaling of applications; it is designed specifically to improve Java appilcations ineraction with relationship databases. Eucalyptus […]

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Oracle Fusion Apps moving along, now with extra Java

Larry Ellison used Oracle World to update developers on Fusion Apps, a project that has been in development for over a year. In the process, he committed to several broad directions. One is cloud computing and the other is technology that will be Oracle’s own as soon as the Sun acquisition closes, Java. Oracle has […]

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