Office 365 gets the desktop to cloud transition right

One of the prime advantages to moving your desktop applications to the cloud is that you are freed from your desktop. The software and applications will be ready to use any time you have a connected computer. That’s liberating for when you’re traveling. But what about the times when you have your computer and no […]

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How Much Revenue Is Being Generated by Cloud Computing?

Dmitry Sotnikov is trying to answer this question at his enterprise cloud blog. He doesn’t try to be comprehensive. It’s a lot easier to look at the sales of large public companies since they have to provide so much disclosure when they make capital investments. And of course, the big vendors have been sinking large […]

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Microsoft moving 1,600 USDA email accounts to the cloud every day

The federal government is well into its plan to move a significant percent of its IT onto cloud servers. The Washington Post has an update and it reports Microsoft is deep into the process of moving the Agriculture Department’s email system with 17,000 accounts moved already and over 100,000 scheduled to be moved before the […]

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Google gaives a big thumbs up to Spring Java nd VMware’s Open PaaS

Spring Java, an enterprise Java development environment acquired by VMware last year, got a big boost today as Google announced direct support from within Google AppEngine. Spring fans went so far as to claim that Spring is now the preferred development platform for Google AppEngine. VMware acquired SpringSource last year as part of a strategy […]

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Google Apps Marketplace launches and a tree falls in the forest

I suppose this is what you would call a soft launch. Google unveiled its new Google Apps Marketplace at a meeting it held for developers on its campus last week (see Mashable’s report here). And the new storefront did go live right away, but there was only one big name, Intuit. And Intuit has already […]

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Microsoft gives NSF projects a free pass

Hoping to gain a toehold in the government’s move toward cloud computing, Microsoft has presented the National Science Foundation (NSF) with an offer that is difficult to refuse: any project approved by the NSF can run on Windows Azure at no charge. The NSF has already gained access to cloud-based software services from Google and […]

IBM wins Air Force contract in major test of cloud security

The momeuntum coming out of the U.S. government for cloud projects continues to build. IBM announced it won a contract from the U.S. Air Force for a the design and demonstration of a secure cloud computing infrastructure capable of supporting defense and intelligence networks. One of the challenges — and opportunities — for IBM is […]

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NASA commissions a platform for shared computational modeling

You might call this a cloud platform for modeling clouds. NASA is awarding a $600,000 contract to develop a platform that will allow engineers and scientists to execute computational modeling from a browser. The contractor is Parabon Computation Inc., a ten-year old DC-area company that focuses on computational analysis for distributed systems, especially grids. The […]

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Federal budget funds a transition to cloud platforms

The 2011 budget allocates $79 billion for IT spending and one of the priorities is going to be implementation of cloud computing platforms. 2010 will be a year of pilot projects with cloud architectures becoming part of the long range plan for greater efficiency. The reasons are buried deep within the OMB (Office of Management […]

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UK planning a broad cost-saving move to cloud platforms

A plan is being circulated within the U.K. to move its government IT services onto a cloud platform based on open source software. The selling point is the potential for £3.2 billion a year savings (US $5.2 billion). To achieve the savings, the government would need to build ten to twelve data centers, each costing […]

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