Your tax at dollars work: The federal ABC’s of cloud computing

Is cloud computing about to become a political issue? A new federal website is taking a stand and it is clearly in the pro-cloudy camp. Worse, the site — is open over a month now and just about the only thing that works is this animated video. The video is one part Sesame Street […]

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B&N’s Nook, the newest device in the clouds

I’ve been trying to decide if the new Barnes & Noble Nook is part of the cloud computing ecosystem or not. It is surely not an enterprise application but it seems to fit on all other levels. I just came across something that helped me make up my mind… in the affirmative. A quick trip […]

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Enterprise 2 Blog: Larry Ellison Hates Cloud Computing

Enterprise 2.0 Blog is part of TechWeb. Stowe Boyd wrote this post after viewing a video of Larry Ellison on stage, mocking cloud computing. The post includes embedded video in which Ellison seems to be doing a comedy routine: “All a cloud is is computers in a network… They just change a term and they […]

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