A Peek Inside Apple’s iCloud Data Center Reveals HP, Terradata and NetApps hardware

When Stephen Jobs introduced the iCloud service, he didn’t spend much time talking about the infrastructure. And over 99 percent of its customers couldn’t care less. But for us hardware geeks, the details are very interesting. Apple is a company that has made its reputation on mystery boxes, going to great extremes to hide the […]

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Cisco FabricPath at Center of Data Center 3.0 Cloud Design

Cisco unveiled a slew of new products, as part of its growing Data Center 3.0, a platform that is moving closer to a complete cloud architecture. The most significant product is Cisco FabricPath, a networking technology designed to improve network scalability, and resource agility. In its report, InfoWorld noted… Cisco is also drawing on its […]

Scaling Java apps within Amazon EC2 with Eucalyptus and Terracotta

A partnership between Eucalyptus Systems and Terracotta should help developers scale their Java applications on the Amazon platform. Terracotta is a developer of tools for improving Java application performance. Its Ehcache FX provides a cache partition that will manage scaling of applications; it is designed specifically to improve Java appilcations ineraction with relationship databases. Eucalyptus […]

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Terremark reports strong gains in revenue and bookings

The move toward a cloud platform appears to be paying off for Terremark (Nasdaq: TMRK) a 28-year-old managed service provider. Financial results show a 13 percent year-over-year increase for the quarter ending Dec. 31. Perhaps more promising is the growth in the number of customers and bookings. Cloud computing services grew at 30 percent and […]

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CA warchest of $300 million will go toward cloud acquisitions

William McCracken wasted very little time. Within hours of being named to the position of CEO at CA, he set his sites on a major cloud computing acquisition, and said he had up to $300 million to spend. Just a few weeks ago, CA acquired Oblicore which provides a platform for service level management (SLM). […]

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NetApp and Microsoft partner on cloud infrastructure products

This looks like another sign that Microsoft is serious about taking a leadership position in the cloud computing market. It is entering into a three-year relationship with NetApp covering sales and product integration. NetApp has been successful in winning some significant cloud computing platform customers. Its technology includes Unified Storage and Storage Vritualiation, which reduce […]

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Broadcom buys fabric for building massive data centers

Switched fabric is a technology that normally does not draw much attention. It is part of fiber channel topologies that are used for used at the edge of large networks. Until recently, few data centers needed switched fabric. Its purpose is to maintain millions of simultaneous connections in a single switch. And a data center […]

Acadia will deploy private clouds with help from Cisco, EMC and VMware

A new joint venture is being launched to help corporations build “private clouds” using products from Cisco, EMC and VMware. Acadia will not design or build systems. It will be more of an integrator, helping customers plan and deploy their cloud computing data centers. Acadia, will start off with a product line called Vblock. It […]

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Juniper offers 5 steps to a data center in the clouds

Juniper Networks is giving its product line a major overhaul, with new chips, new application development environments and a new “Cloud-Ready Data Center” based on five modules that provide a path for adapting existing data centers into a distributed architecture. The enhancements are based on Juniper’s SRX Series. Virtualized Security Center. Includes AppSecure (tools for […]

Cisco buying cloud security pioneer, ScanSafe

Cisco has reached an agreement to buy ScanSafe, Inc., the first company to offer cloud computing based scanning for Web malware. Tom Gillis, GM of Cisco’s Security Technology Business Unit (STBU), said the acquisition fits in with “our vision to build a borderless network security architecture that combines network and cloud-based services for advanced security […]

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