Oracle puts down the Sun Cloud

As the acquisition of Sn Microsystems finally closed, one of the first official acts taken by Oracle is to terminate the program known as Sun Cloud. It would have been a platform for building cloud architectures using an API based on Sun’s standards, including Java, MySQL, and OpenSolaris. Larry Ellison has gained a reputation for […]

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Sybase testing cloud deployment internally

Jim Swartz, the CIO of enterprise software company Sybase, explained his philosophy toward cloud computing in an interview with CIO Update. Swartz said “we’re absolutely going to be looking at this more closely in terms of what it’s going to mean, long-haul, because as an organization, to help the company keep its margins in perspective. […]

Comparing Google’s Chrome OS and Jolicloud on a netbook

Datamation takes a look at two new desktops being designed for the ultra-light world of the netbook, where all data and most apps are stored on a remote server. Neither one of these software platforms are final but both are available for test drives and that is the spirit in which Bruce Byfield looks at […]

Enterprise 2 Blog: Larry Ellison Hates Cloud Computing

Enterprise 2.0 Blog is part of TechWeb. Stowe Boyd wrote this post after viewing a video of Larry Ellison on stage, mocking cloud computing. The post includes embedded video in which Ellison seems to be doing a comedy routine: “All a cloud is is computers in a network… They just change a term and they […]

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Schneier on Security: Cloud computing is nothing new

Bruce Schneier is chief technology officer for BT; he writes a carefully considered blog on security issues. He is not a fan of cloudi computing… This year’s overhyped IT concept is cloud computing. Also called software as a service (Saas), cloud computing is when you run software over the internet and access it via a […]

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