Microsoft is adding 1,000 new customers a day to the Azure platform

As Microsoft confirmed that Azure will make the long-awaited change to provide IAAS (infrastructure as a service), Bill Hilf, the general manager for Windows Azure product marketing, gave InfoWorld an impressive statistic. Azure has over 200,000 active customers and it is growing at the rate of 1,000 customers a day. At the same time, Microsoft […]

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Intuit prefers Azure for its partner platform

Microsoft has won over Intuit with its new Azure platform. Developers who sell customized versions of QuickBooks will be encouraged to use Azure cloud hosting as the preferred home for their applications. Intuit rolled out the Workplace App Center last year; it helps build the TurboTax and QuickBooks franchises by showcasing extensions created by independent […]

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Microsoft shows amazing confidence in Azure with re-org

Sending a clear signal that it sees cloud computing and its Azure platform as a significant new revenue stream, Microsoft is re-organizing its server group. The Azure platform group will merge with the Windows Server and Solutions Group to form the Server and Cloud division. But Azure is not just joining as an equal. The […]

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Azure updated in preparation for 2010 “pay-to-play” release

Something changes on New Years Day: Microsoft Azure becomes a paid product. It is a year since Azure was first offered for free as a technology preview, and Microsoft is going to start 2010 by taking the plunge into the world of cloud hosting. The formal announcement was made by Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software […]

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