Personal Cloud Computing Services Market Will Be Worth $12 Billion in Five Years

Apple is about to lead the development of a brand new industry if a new Forrester Research report is correct. After evaluating the new Apple iCloud service and its history with MobileMe, the analysts conclude that paying subscribers will flock to personal clouds A key factor driving the shift is the state of the personal […]

A Peek Inside Apple’s iCloud Data Center Reveals HP, Terradata and NetApps hardware

When Stephen Jobs introduced the iCloud service, he didn’t spend much time talking about the infrastructure. And over 99 percent of its customers couldn’t care less. But for us hardware geeks, the details are very interesting. Apple is a company that has made its reputation on mystery boxes, going to great extremes to hide the […]

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Apple’s Personal Data Cloud Located in North Carolina

The new Apple iCloud service is certain to give cloud computing a major boost in terms of consumer accepance. The service will educate a generation of consumers that their most precious data — work data, personal photos, music collections — can and should be managed by a remote service that is not on their personal […]

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