Microsoft is adding 1,000 new customers a day to the Azure platform

As Microsoft confirmed that Azure will make the long-awaited change to provide IAAS (infrastructure as a service), Bill Hilf, the general manager for Windows Azure product marketing, gave InfoWorld an impressive statistic. Azure has over 200,000 active customers and it is growing at the rate of 1,000 customers a day. At the same time, Microsoft […]

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Amazon’s cloud for CIA should help put security fears to rest

CIA building cloud platform with Amazon

You won’t be able to get anyone making public claims but from all available evidence, the CIA is spending over $600 million to build a private cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is no public announcement (for which American citizens should be grateful) but ┬áreporters at have put together the basic outline of […]

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How Much Revenue Is Being Generated by Cloud Computing?

Dmitry Sotnikov is trying to answer this question at his enterprise cloud blog. He doesn’t try to be comprehensive. It’s a lot easier to look at the sales of large public companies since they have to provide so much disclosure when they make capital investments. And of course, the big vendors have been sinking large […]

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Microsoft moving 1,600 USDA email accounts to the cloud every day

The federal government is well into its plan to move a significant percent of its IT onto cloud servers. The Washington Post has an update and it reports Microsoft is deep into the process of moving the Agriculture Department’s email system with 17,000 accounts moved already and over 100,000 scheduled to be moved before the […]

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Amazon apologizes

If you take away someone’s livelihood for three or four days, it’s just good manners to apologize. And to show you really mean it, why not add 10 days worth of free service to show you really mean it. Well that’s what Amazon is doing. They’ve sent out a 5,000 word apology to customers in […]

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Scaling Java apps within Amazon EC2 with Eucalyptus and Terracotta

A partnership between Eucalyptus Systems and Terracotta should help developers scale their Java applications on the Amazon platform. Terracotta is a developer of tools for improving Java application performance. Its Ehcache FX provides a cache partition that will manage scaling of applications; it is designed specifically to improve Java appilcations ineraction with relationship databases. Eucalyptus […]

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Azure emerges from beta, is a price war next?

Microsoft kept to its schedule and has promoted Windows Azure from its very long beta status to full-fledged paid product. And the first market reaction came almost immediately, as Amazon dropped prices. The timing could not have been more obvious. The same day that Amazon agreed to change pricing policies on Kindle eBooks in reaction […]

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New page on cloud computing stocks

In recent months, a number of technology companies have seen their share prices rise on positive news about cloud computing initiatives. To keep up, I’ve compiled a list of publicly traded companies with a significant cloud business. I’m not going to include every company that has made a cloud announcement. If their new initiatives turn […]

U.S. Navy gives Amazon EC2 a thumbs up

From this point on, any debate about the security of Amazon Web Services is sure to bring in a call to the military. The U.S. Navy is looking at cloud computing technologies as it develops its next generation Naval Networks Enterprise-2016 strategy and in the early tests, EC2 and S3 passed muster. Dataline, a consultant […]

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Rackspace CEO says cloud computing is a game changer

Rackspace has been an especially hot company on Wall Street. In 2009, the stock is up over 200 percent. And when Rackspace revealed its quarterly financial results, it is clear why: while other companies have struggled to grow revenue, Rackspace grew its topline at an enviable 17 percent year-over-year. The company’s CEO is giving cloud […]

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