VMware vCloud API

VMware vCloud API
VMware Inc.

The vCloud API enables enterprises to build internal clouds based on VMware’s technology stack.

The vCloud API is an interface for providing and consuming virtual resources in the cloud. It enables deploying and managing virtualized workloads in internal or external clouds as well as interoperability between clouds. Such workloads, packaged as vApps are pre-built software solutions optimized for the cloud, consisting of multiple virtual machines that are bundled and maintained as a single entity. The vCloud API enables the upload, download, instantiation, deployment and operation of vApps.

The vCloud API is an open RESTful, pure virtual, API that supports multi-tenancy. It uses Open Virtualization Format (OVF) as a unit of distribution and storage for vApps. Because these vApps are uploaded, downloaded, and stored in OVF package form, the vCloud API supports compatibility and deployment across a wide variety of applications. The vCloud API spans multiple vCenter Servers to provide available virtual resources. This offers immense scalability needed for peak loads or disaster recovery in cloud environments.

The API is part of VMware's vCloud Express solution, which is sold by a number of hosting service providers to deliver an “Infrastructure as a Service” portals. As a result, enterprises which use the vCloud API will have a simpler job of building interconnections between internal clouds and hosted clouds on the platform.