Joyent Cloud

Joyent Cloud
Joyent Inc.

Joyent is one of the pioneers in offering cloud infrastructure, having started with an Infrastucture-as-a-Service offering in 2004. Joyent's public Cloud is a hosted service that is sold on a usage basis requiring only monthly commitments.

The Joyent Accelerator is the core of their cloud service which includes validated technology stacks providing Apache, PHP, Rails, and MySQL running on multicore, RAM-rich servers.

Security features include: enforcement at Global Zone level with Triple-A (Authentication, Access Control and Audit) controls; physical servers locked in a secure data center facility with bio-metric access control and locked cages; network traffic can be isolated and restricted to dedicated VLANs (outside the VLAN, all private IP addresses are hidden from other cloud users and traffic blocked at the switch); storage is available locally with encrypted NAS and a firewall is built into HA load balancers.