Eucalyptus Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud
Eucalyptus Systems

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud provides Amazon EC2-like infrastructure capabilities inside the firewall. This solution is designed to simplify the process of building and managing an internal cloud for businesses of any size, thereby enabling companies to create their own self-service infrastructure. The Eucalyptus cloud in Ubuntu enables easier installation, deployment, and configuration.

Eucalyptus features available in UEC

* Interface compatibility with EC2 reduces the cost of learning a new interface when moving from a private to a public cloud. It enables users to adopt popular management tools for private cloud computing and to develop skills using the same techniques that they would deploy on Amazon's popular public cloud.
* An extensive range of popular development services including an elastic block storage (EBS) equivalent and an S3 compatible storage manager eases integration.
* Support for elastic IP assignment enables users to assign static public IPs to any virtual instance.
* SOAP with WS-security ensures secure internal communication.
* Support for instance control operations enables users to reboot virtual machines. This helps users troubleshoot more effectively.
* KVM hypervisor provides users with best-of-breed virtualization technology.