Apple’s Personal Data Cloud Located in North Carolina

The new Apple iCloud service is certain to give cloud computing a major boost in terms of consumer accepance. The service will educate a generation of consumers that their most precious data — work data, personal photos, music collections — can and should be managed by a remote service that is not on their personal […]

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Microsoft moving 1,600 USDA email accounts to the cloud every day

The federal government is well into its plan to move a significant percent of its IT onto cloud servers. The Washington Post has an update and it reports Microsoft is deep into the process of moving the Agriculture Department’s email system with 17,000 accounts moved already and over 100,000 scheduled to be moved before the […]

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Amazon apologizes

If you take away someone’s livelihood for three or four days, it’s just good manners to apologize. And to show you really mean it, why not add 10 days worth of free service to show you really mean it. Well that’s what Amazon is doing. They’ve sent out a 5,000 word apology to customers in […]

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Apple buys domain for a rumored $4 million plus

The price has not been confirmed but the Wall Street Journnal’s Digital Daily has confirmed that Apple bought the domain name from a Swedish company, Xcerion. The rumors are that Apple is paying over $4 million. As I write this, the domain is still pointing to Xcerion’s data-hosting service which is also answering […]

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How much data did Amazon lose in the outage?

Amazon is apparently still sorting through the wreckage of its outage. It has now been forced to admit that some data was permanently lost but it still seems unsure of exactly what was lost and whether there is some chance to recover it. Business Insider obtained a copy of the email sent to customers and […]

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Amazon EC2 Failure Brings Down Quora and Reddit

A major failure deep inside the bowels of Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure has taken several large websites offline. Quora, Reddit and Foursquare are among the sites affected. Foursquare appeared to be offline only briefly while the other sites were down for the better part of the day. Customers began to receive emergency alert emails at 2:49 […]

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Cisco FabricPath at Center of Data Center 3.0 Cloud Design

Cisco unveiled a slew of new products, as part of its growing Data Center 3.0, a platform that is moving closer to a complete cloud architecture. The most significant product is Cisco FabricPath, a networking technology designed to improve network scalability, and resource agility. In its report, InfoWorld noted… Cisco is also drawing on its […]

New directory listing: AlertLogic

We’ve just learned about a new security tool for cloud management. Alert Logic’s tools for managing threats and intrusion detection. See the new listing in the Cloud Admin directory.

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Google gaives a big thumbs up to Spring Java nd VMware’s Open PaaS

Spring Java, an enterprise Java development environment acquired by VMware last year, got a big boost today as Google announced direct support from within Google AppEngine. Spring fans went so far as to claim that Spring is now the preferred development platform for Google AppEngine. VMware acquired SpringSource last year as part of a strategy […]

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Google buys SaaS tool for managing Microsoft software

This deal is just as much about hurting Microsoft as it is about competing in the SaaS field. For $25 million, Google is acquiring DocVerse, a startup that offers a free tool for storing Office documents in a cloud. DocVerse’s free plugin is actually a way to get more from Office. It is a plug-in […]

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