Microsoft is adding 1,000 new customers a day to the Azure platform

As Microsoft confirmed that Azure will make the long-awaited change to provide IAAS (infrastructure as a service), Bill Hilf, the general manager for Windows Azure product marketing, gave InfoWorld an impressive statistic. Azure has over 200,000 active customers and it is growing at the rate of 1,000 customers a day. At the same time, Microsoft […]

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Can cloud computing prices go any lower?

Cloud computing prices can only go up from here, according to an analysis in IT World that looks at price changes at Amazon, Google,  Rackspace and others. Price reductions in storage were about 20 percent; cuts in the cost of bandwidth were about 50 percent and the charges for database services dropped more than 30 […]

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Amazon’s cloud for CIA should help put security fears to rest

CIA building cloud platform with Amazon

You won’t be able to get anyone making public claims but from all available evidence, the CIA is spending over $600 million to build a private cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is no public announcement (for which American citizens should be grateful) but  reporters at have put together the basic outline of […]

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Cloud computing index fund lagging broader markets

Back in July 2011, I wrote about the launch of an ETF (exchange traded fund) devoted to cloud computing stocks.  The companies in the fund did not appear to be a highly speculative bunch. Most of the companies had strong revenue flows from legacy businesses that were mature before they entered the cloud space. After […]

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KPMG study shows 75 percent of cloud adopters reduce costs

Now you know why Larry Ellison has been so cranky whenever he is asked about cloud computing.  Companies shifting to cloud computing aren’t buying more Sun servers. But they are showing more than savings. At least, that’s what KMPG found in a survey of 900 global companies. The survey is described in this Dow Jones […]

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Google Docs takes a step off the cloud and onto the hard disk

The cloud can be a very good way to serve up data and applications but it is not necessarily the best place to work, day in and day out. We all need to plan for days when there is no Internet connection. Google is acknowledging that this week. It is beginning the process of giving […]

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Stock index fund launched for cloud computing

In a signal that some investors believe cloud computing is here to stay, an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) was launched to invest solely in cloud computing stocks. The fund is managed by First Trust Advisors and it will go by the ticker symbol of SKYY and it is trading on NASDAQ. The fund does not […]

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Office 365 gets the desktop to cloud transition right

One of the prime advantages to moving your desktop applications to the cloud is that you are freed from your desktop. The software and applications will be ready to use any time you have a connected computer. That’s liberating for when you’re traveling. But what about the times when you have your computer and no […]

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Personal Cloud Computing Services Market Will Be Worth $12 Billion in Five Years

Apple is about to lead the development of a brand new industry if a new Forrester Research report is correct. After evaluating the new Apple iCloud service and its history with MobileMe, the analysts conclude that paying subscribers will flock to personal clouds A key factor driving the shift is the state of the personal […]

A Peek Inside Apple’s iCloud Data Center Reveals HP, Terradata and NetApps hardware

When Stephen Jobs introduced the iCloud service, he didn’t spend much time talking about the infrastructure. And over 99 percent of its customers couldn’t care less. But for us hardware geeks, the details are very interesting. Apple is a company that has made its reputation on mystery boxes, going to great extremes to hide the […]

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