Private clouds delivered in 30 days, limited offer

Planning, building and deploying a virtual data center is generally not a project with a one-month timeline. But Surgient, an Austin, Texas manager of data centers, is trying to make a splash with a simple offer. They will go through the whole process of planning, customizing and building a secure, private cloud infrastructure for corporations […]

Intuit prefers Azure for its partner platform

Microsoft has won over Intuit with its new Azure platform. Developers who sell customized versions of QuickBooks will be encouraged to use Azure cloud hosting as the preferred home for their applications. Intuit rolled out the Workplace App Center last year; it helps build the TurboTax and QuickBooks franchises by showcasing extensions created by independent […]

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Cloud certification programs for operators and architects

3tera, which sells a platform that enterprises can use to manage their own cloud archiecture, is introducing certification programs based around its AppLogic PaaS. Both programs include instruction, hands-on training and examinations. The 3tera Certified Cloud Operator program is aimed at service providers, enterprises IT staff and systems integrators who will be responsible for the […]

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Comparing Google’s Chrome OS and Jolicloud on a netbook

Datamation takes a look at two new desktops being designed for the ultra-light world of the netbook, where all data and most apps are stored on a remote server. Neither one of these software platforms are final but both are available for test drives and that is the spirit in which Bruce Byfield looks at […]

IBM cloud supports Korean mobile apps

A few weeks ago, IBM announced it was spending $100 million on new data centers in Asia with cloud technologies a top priority. Today it is demonstrating why. South Korea’s leading telco is paying IBM to host a new Platform-as-a-Service environment that will provide new apps for its 24 million customers. The cloud contains 80 […]

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U.S. Navy gives Amazon EC2 a thumbs up

From this point on, any debate about the security of Amazon Web Services is sure to bring in a call to the military. The U.S. Navy is looking at cloud computing technologies as it develops its next generation Naval Networks Enterprise-2016 strategy and in the early tests, EC2 and S3 passed muster. Dataline, a consultant […]

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Juniper offers 5 steps to a data center in the clouds

Juniper Networks is giving its product line a major overhaul, with new chips, new application development environments and a new “Cloud-Ready Data Center” based on five modules that provide a path for adapting existing data centers into a distributed architecture. The enhancements are based on Juniper’s SRX Series. Virtualized Security Center. Includes AppSecure (tools for […]

Amazon plugs MySQL into its cloud offerings

Amazon officially launched RDS — Relational Data Services — as the latest item on the menu at Amazon Web Services. This offering can be seen as a step up from Simple DB which Amazon has been offering for hosted databases that needed little more than indexing and query tools. RDS provides a complete MySQL engine […]

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Adobe releases a preview of Flash Builder for Force

Adobe followed through on its July announcement of strategic support for Salesforce’s cloud platform. It has released a developer preview of Flash Builder for, an IDE (integrated development environment) for creating cloud-based RIAs (rich internet applications) that can be run through a browser or or desktop. Developers will be able to use Flash […]

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Test-driving Nvidia’s Facebook app, My 3D Scenes

I spent some time playing with Nvidia’s cloud-based 3D graphic platform and came away with mixed feelings. I started out convinced that this is a milestone product introduction for graphics online. The availability of 3D photorealistic rendering in a cloud platform is certain to open many new avenues for application development. However, after spending a […]