Google Docs takes a step off the cloud and onto the hard disk

The cloud can be a very good way to serve up data and applications but it is not necessarily the best place to work, day in and day out. We all need to plan for days when there is no Internet connection. Google is acknowledging that this week. It is beginning the process of giving […]

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Stock index fund launched for cloud computing

In a signal that some investors believe cloud computing is here to stay, an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) was launched to invest solely in cloud computing stocks. The fund is managed by First Trust Advisors and it will go by the ticker symbol of SKYY and it is trading on NASDAQ. The fund does not […]

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Office 365 gets the desktop to cloud transition right

One of the prime advantages to moving your desktop applications to the cloud is that you are freed from your desktop. The software and applications will be ready to use any time you have a connected computer. That’s liberating for when you’re traveling. But what about the times when you have your computer and no […]

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A Peek Inside Apple’s iCloud Data Center Reveals HP, Terradata and NetApps hardware

When Stephen Jobs introduced the iCloud service, he didn’t spend much time talking about the infrastructure. And over 99 percent of its customers couldn’t care less. But for us hardware geeks, the details are very interesting. Apple is a company that has made its reputation on mystery boxes, going to great extremes to hide the […]

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Cisco FabricPath at Center of Data Center 3.0 Cloud Design

Cisco unveiled a slew of new products, as part of its growing Data Center 3.0, a platform that is moving closer to a complete cloud architecture. The most significant product is Cisco FabricPath, a networking technology designed to improve network scalability, and resource agility. In its report, InfoWorld noted… Cisco is also drawing on its […]

Google Apps Marketplace launches and a tree falls in the forest

I suppose this is what you would call a soft launch. Google unveiled its new Google Apps Marketplace at a meeting it held for developers on its campus last week (see Mashable’s report here). And the new storefront did go live right away, but there was only one big name, Intuit. And Intuit has already […]

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Google buys SaaS tool for managing Microsoft software

This deal is just as much about hurting Microsoft as it is about competing in the SaaS field. For $25 million, Google is acquiring DocVerse, a startup that offers a free tool for storing Office documents in a cloud. DocVerse’s free plugin is actually a way to get more from Office. It is a plug-in […]

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Chatter enters beta

Salesforce has started a phased introduction of the Chatter beta. Interest in the platform has been high, since the November preview at the Dreamforce conference.

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Battling for the brightest minds, IBM provides free services for academia

Days after Microsoft offered scientists free use of the Windows Azure platform, IBM announced a program to give schools free use of IBM’s cloud services. The program is part of the IBM Academic Initiative and open to any research professional or faculty member at an accredited school. The cloud can be used to provide academic […]

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Startup Makara offers cloud portability solution

One of the main objections to deploying applications in a cloud platform is the fear of being locked-in, after customizing legacy apps to work within a specific platform (PaaS). A startup backed by several high-profile VCs is coming to market with a solution. Makara’s Cloud Application Platform works like a cloud management layer for applications, […]