How Much Revenue Is Being Generated by Cloud Computing?

Dmitry Sotnikov is trying to answer this question at his enterprise cloud blog. He doesn’t try to be comprehensive. It’s a lot easier to look at the sales of large public companies since they have to provide so much disclosure when they make capital investments. And of course, the big vendors have been sinking large […]

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Investors advisory: PaaS companies have the best upside potential

A long, thoughtful analysis of the business prospects for cloud companies was just published at Seeking Alpha. The author, Sunit Gogia, is a senior analyst with Morningstar and he looks at how the technology shift will affect the current large IT companies before settling into some predictions about today’s opportunities for investors. His best advice: […]

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Worth fearing: the next big wave in IT

The Wall Street Journal posed a time-honored question to EMC’s chief executive Joe Tucci yesterday. “What keeps you up at night?” EMC holds controlling shares in a number of major technology companies, including VMware and RSA Security, and it has just reported 2009 income was up 58 percent. “What keeps you up all night is […]

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VMware’s Maritz, in posting solid growth, affirms clouds are the next wave of IT

A year ago, its customers were uncertain about what they would be doing. But recovery set in as the year came to a close. And now, Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware closed out 2009’s financial results by telling investors that in the last quarter, he was able to get a clear vision for what his […]

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VMware adds communications platform to its cloud strategy

On first glance, VMware’s acquisition of the desktop collaboration suite Zimbra — which it is buying from Yahoo! — does not seem to have much to do with the company’s emerging cloud computing strategy. However, VMWare CTO Steve Herrod explains otherwise. In his blog post, Herrod writes that the acquisition of Zimbra is all about […]

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Dell deal with Chinese SaaS provider: more smoke than cloud?

You know “cloud computing” is risking over-exposure when companies start exaggerating their “cloudiness.” A press release from Bejing based SaaS vendor Infobird is a prime example. Until now, Infobird has marketed an SaaS platform for call-center management known as Qitongbao. But in the PR Newswire announcement, Infobird claims: Dell, the global IT giant, and Infobird, […]

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Seven questions to ask when evaluating a cloud supplier

The WHIR has published an interesting article by David Snead, a lawyer whose practice is focused on internet infrastructure providers. Snead just finished work on a study of cloud computing services for the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and his focus is on legal risks. He says any provider should be able to […]

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Six cloud computing stocks to watch. Maybe seven?

Ed Moltzen is not a professional stock picker. He is a technology analyst, blogger and manager of product testing for Computer Reseller News (published by United Business Media). So if he picks a basket of cloud computing stocks, you can expect that the companies are strong technically. For financial fundamentals, you’ll need to do your […]

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Structure of IT deparments will change with growth of cloud services

Cloud computing will change the basic structure of the IT department in coming years. “The IT organization will be replaced by relationships to many cloud-computing service providers — each for one or a handful of services,” said Gartner Vice President Phil Dawson, speaking yesterday at the Gartner IT Xpo in Orlando, FL. Dawson said that […]

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Los Angeles worries over the “dependability of cloud computing”

With the Los Angeles municipal email contract still up for debate, The LA Times published a “think piece” today on whether cloud computing is dependable. The piece is even-handed, ending with a quote by the city’s chief technology officer, “Is it going to be 100%? There’s probably going to be a time when we may have an issue. But what don’t we have an issue with?”